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ORGANIC cocoa hazelnut bar

ORGANIC cocoa hazelnut bar

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  • Rich in protein, iron and potassium
  • With Italian hazelnuts
  • Organic
  • Vegan
  • No added sugar


Immerse yourself in the sensual combination of cocoa and hazelnuts with our organic cocoa and hazelnut bars from Italy. Each bar is made by hand with care and love and combines high-quality, organic hazelnuts with low-fat cocoa to offer you a taste experience in a class of its own.

Our cocoa-hazelnut bars are not only a treat for your palate, but also a conscious decision for your health. They are 100% vegan and certified organic, meaning they are free from animal products and harmful chemicals. Perfect for those who prefer a plant-based diet or are looking for healthy snacking options.

The main ingredient of our bars are the exquisite hazelnuts from Italy. These nuts are known for their unique flavor and crunchy texture. Italy offers optimal conditions for growing hazelnuts, and we source our nuts from carefully selected organic farmers to guarantee you the highest quality.

To refine the taste of our cocoa bars, we use low-fat cocoa powder. The cocoa gives the bars a wonderfully chocolaty taste and a seductive dark colour. At the same time, our cocoa-hazelnut bar contains a wealth of valuable nutrients such as protein, iron and calcium. Protein is important for muscle growth and repair, iron helps keep the body oxygenated, and calcium strengthens bones and teeth.

Our cocoa and hazelnut bars are the perfect snack for in between, on the go or for an energy boost before training. They are conveniently packed and fit in every pocket. Enjoy the sinfully delicious taste and health benefits of our bars without a guilty conscience.

Immerse yourself in the delicious world of the Italian cocoa and hazelnut bar and order today. Experience the irresistible taste of hazelnuts and cocoa, paired with the valuable nutrients that give you energy.




Dates*, hazelnut butter* (20%), pea protein*, chopped hazelnuts* (6%), cocoa butter*, cocoa* (4%); *from organic farming May contain traces of nuts, soy and cashew nuts.

Nutritional values

Nutritional values ​​per 100g Energy: 1944 kJ / 464 kcal Fat: 20.1 g of which saturated fatty acids: 4.1 g Carbohydrates: 47.4 g of which sugar: 36.3 g Fiber: 10.4 g protein: 20.3 g salt : 0.5 g Iron: 2.1 mg (15%*) Calcium: 142.2 mg (17.7%*) * of the Reference Daily Intake (NRV)


Made in Italy

How to use

As a snack in between, an energy supplier before sporting activities, as a z'Nüni, z'Vieri or as a perfect companion for hikes or other day trips.


Store cool and dry.

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