About us

Hello! We are VivoBio, a young start-up from Zurich, which was created by the two founders coming from Switzerland and Italy.

Through our passion for sports, health and nutrition, we have always been intensely concerned with the ingredients, nutritional values and the origin of the products. With our start-up we are now pursuing the goal of bringing excellent, organic products, based on natural raw materials, to the market.

We are committed to working with small farmers in Italy to bring their delicious, high quality products to our customers and build a community that shares our passion for high quality, locally sourced food.


Our Mission

Our mission is to connect customers in Switzerland with the best high-quality food and beverage products from Italy, produced by small farmers. We aim to simultaneously promote sustainable and responsible farming practices and do our part to support local farmers in Italy.

Our values

  • Quality: we believe in the importance of superior quality for customer satisfaction and strive to source only the best products from small farmers in Italy.
  • Sustainability: we value promoting sustainable and responsible farming practices and protecting the environment.
  • Regionality: We value the variety and quality of local foods from Italy and work closely with small farmers in the region.


Where do our products come from?

We have decided to only use organic raw materials from the most renowned locations in Italy. Our hazelnuts come from Piedmont and the almonds and pistachios from Sicily.

All of our products are made in Italy to the highest standards. 


Karte Italien - Herkunft der Produkte Piemont und Sizilien



Why do we rely on sustainable packaging?

Every year, several million tons of plastic waste are produced and thrown into the oceans. This plastic breaks down into small particles and can only be degraded after hundreds of years. Marine animals like turtles, dolphins, etc. die in agony because they get caught in the plastic or consume plastic parts. But we humans are also affected, as we in turn ingest this plastic through our food.

With our start-up we want to make a positive contribution to the environment and do something good for the next generations. Therefore, we rely on sustainable packaging and short supply chains for our own products and select the partners for our assortment accordingly.


We hope you enjoy browsing our online shop. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.



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