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Caffe Fusari - Verona

Coffee tradition from Verona

Caffè Fusari is an artisan roastery in Verona and expert in specialty coffees, unique blends and gourmet coffees from around the world.

The company was founded on April 4, 2001.

The passion passed from father to sons and the experience gained through years of work in the artisanal coffee sector guarantee Caffè Fusari the ability to select only the finest quality beans. The artisanal coffee offered to consumers is treated with love and care throughout the production chain.

Today the father, Salvatore Fusari, runs the company with his daughter. They select the finest coffees from around the world and roast them with care, precision and caution to bring out the best in flavors.

Fusari works with full respect for producers, consumers and the environment. They have received certification as an organic company for their commitment and diligence: this certificate guarantees the processing, marketing and serving of organic coffee.

Each order is freshly prepared daily and no variety is held in stock, including supplying premium coffees such as Indonesia Kopi Luwak and Jamaica Blue Mountain, and also for single-origin selections.

Fusari coffee production

The world of Caffè Fusari artisan coffee roasting is made up of intense aromas, precious beans and flavors from all over the world that combine to create blends with a unique taste.

The artisan laboratory allows the family business to personally take care of the coffee, from the preparation of the blend to the packaging.

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