Giuliano Caffè - Turin

Giuliano Caffe - Turin

Freshly roasted coffee from Turin

Back in 1950, Michele Giuliano Albo was so intrigued by the concept of coffee as a fruit that he began studying it. He wanted to understand the places of origin and the characteristics of each variety.

Since the 1980s, Michele's daughter, Maria Teresa, now together with her husband Federico Minelli, has continued this passion and they have conquered the taste buds of Turin's bartenders ever since.

The company is still run by the same family today and occupies a high position in the Turin coffee scene.

Giuliano Cafe

The production

Coffee orders are roasted and packaged on demand every Wednesday of the week, so your customers only get the freshest coffee. For roasting, they use a slow process: they roast a maximum of 100 kg of coffee, which is roasted for at least twenty minutes. They rely on the experience of their own master roaster, who follows the Giuliano family's coffee tradition by controlling the roasting process himself through smell and sight.

The packaging of the coffee does not take place until five days after roasting: before that, the blends are left to rest to allow their scents and flavors to develop freely and naturally, allowing them to blend and develop into a balanced whole.

From raw coffee beans to espresso

Figure: from the raw coffee bean, through roasting, to grinding and enjoying the final espresso.

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