Fattoria della Mandorla Apulien

Fattoria della Mandorla - Apulia

Sweet almonds from Apulia

Fattoria della Mandorla is located in Quasano in the Alta Luzia National Park. Here, about 20 years ago, they decided to make their dreams come true - to make the world a better place, based on the values ​​they believe in: respect for the environment, territorial values ​​and sustainability.

For four years, the company has been growing Toritto "Filippo Cea" almonds , sorting them by hand, carefully selecting, processing and packaging the nuts. From selecting the plot of land to purchase in the village of Quasano to planting almond, olive and cherry trees.

Fattoria della Mandorla - sort out almonds

With the transformation of the toritto almond, they have enhanced the biodiversity of the Murgese area. Thanks to the taste and properties of this valuable seed, they have developed a range of high-quality organic foods that are good for health and the environment. Fattoria della Mandorla's almonds are sustainably grown and insecticide-free, so you can snack knowing you're enjoying a natural and healthy product from Puglia.

The organic farm is based on a short and sustainable circular supply chain. The grounds of Fattoria della Mandorla are surrounded by unspoilt bushland with an abundance of native Apulian wildlife.

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