Erbalogica - Asti (Piedmont)

Handpicked teas from Asti (Piedmont)

Erbalogica is a project that began in 2002 with the intention of creating an agricultural company based on manual work, the quality of the end product and respect for people and the environment.

After years of experimenting to see if taking the operations of an agro-industrial supply chain by hand and transforming it into an agro-craft industry would result in a superior product, they entered the tea market in 2010.

Each employee is involved in one or more aspects of the production chain, from growing the herbs and processing them to developing the recipes and packaging.

Erbalogica is in lower Monferrato, north of Asti. The territory once dedicated to the cultivation of vines is now experiencing a differentiation in agricultural production.


Erbalogica products are obtained from herbs grown, harvested, dried and packaged according to organic farming guidelines, without the use of herbicides, insecticides and fertilizers.


All operations in the production line are carried out by hand, which characterizes the product as handmade. The herbs are harvested by hand and gently chopped up after drying so that their properties are preserved. The packaging is also done by hand.

From a single source

In this concept, one speaks of a short supply chain when a product is manufactured with as many production steps as possible within the same company, which then markets it in the end. Erbalogica's herbal teas are made entirely in-house, from the cultivation of the herbs to their collection, processing and packaging.

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